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Focused on finding positive solutions

From its inception, the goal at Reece Law has always been to provide individualized legal services focused on finding real, positive solutions for clients. Throwing out the boiler plate approach to a sometimes-archaic field, Jeni created a law firm that dynamically connects with each individual client in a way that meets their specific needs.  

Jeni is willing to roll up her sleeves and meticulously work through the details and legal nuances involved in any transaction, but also recognizes the value in finding the simple solution. That is why Reece Law takes pride in delivering diligent, effective, legal guidance rooted in honesty and integrity.

After all, a good challenge is always worth it.

Reece Law strives to build relationships with its clients; because when you are faced with a challenge, effective, honest, and focused guidance are a must.


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Please call me Jeni

Jeni’s long-standing familiarity with the rocky
mountain region provides a foundation for her understanding of property and water
rights—expertise uncommon amongst most legal counsel practicing in Montana.


  • Jenifer “Jeni” Reece received her juris doctorate (JD) degree from the University of
Montana Law School in 2005.J.D., University of Montana Law School - 2005

  • Prior to attending U of M, Jeni studied geology and
received her Bachelor of Science in Geology from Fort Lewis College in Durango,
Colorado, graduating magna cum laude.

  • Jeni was previously a partner at the law firm, Moore, O’Connell & Refling, P.C. where she
practiced from 2005 until establishing Reece Law in 2017. During that time, she served
on the Board of Directors for the Gallatin County Bar Association from 2011 to 2016.
and as President of the Gallatin County Bar Association in 2015.

  • Jeni is now the
President of FACES, Inc., a non-profit focused on providing support and services for
foster and adoptive families in the Gallatin Valley, as well as an active member in a number of local organizations.


Lacey Jensen Bertram

  • Legal Assistant

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