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Jenifer Reece has been providing legal services to clients in the Gallatin Valley since 2005. Specializing in transactional law, Jeni is best known for her level-headed and effective legal guidance. By approaching each case with a concentration on finding solutions, not obstacles, Jeni will provide effective, honest, and focused legal guidance and will assist her clients in reaching their individual goals. Jeni believes that with hard-work, legal expertise, and creative thinking otherwise elusive common ground can be found.

Jeni’s areas of practice include: real estate, homeowners’ association development and management, water law, wills and trusts, and adoptions.


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There are few resources in the western United States as precious as water. Understanding water rights, and their complicated history, is essential.

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For many, buying or selling property is more than just a transaction. When the time comes for you to engage in the Big Sky state’s real estate market, Reece Law

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Homeowners associations and their governing documents impact more and more property throughout Montana. It’s important for property owners to

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The startup and small business marketplace is a dynamic and fierce frontier. Whether you need help
establishing your young company as an S corp,

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Families come in various shapes and sizes and not all families are created in the same way. Growing your family through adoption is no small feat and it makes

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Like the complicated choreography a dancer trains untiringly to perfect, Reece Law architects
terms of agreements with fluid precision.

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Jenifer S Reece, ESQ.

The complexity and structure of law are largely appealing to me. Jeni got involved in law for the same reason so many people find it challenging, but it's more than that: I also love working closely with my clients to find solutions that are effective and based in common sense.


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Reece Law believes in providing level-headed legal guidance which concentrates on finding solutions, not obstacles.